How to Draw Castle Floor Plans

The Floor Plan for each Medieval Castle was unique however there were a few general guidelines that they basically completely followed. Here are a few rules to help you draw a palace floor plan that is practical and appealing.

Regardless of whether you are drawing a palace floor plan for a school project, a site, or a tabletop game it very well may be hard to track down great data on a portion of the more significant marks of why and how archaic palaces were assembled.

There are two vital parts of a palace that you need to consider when drawing out your palace floor plan. The first is the idea of concentric circles and the second is the possibility that a palace should have been independent for extensive stretches of time.

The Concept of Concentric Circles

This is a vital part of palace plan. It is the idea of putting lines of protection inside one another. This way an assaulting armed force needed to conquer a deterrent and when they did that they actually had another snag to survive. This is the means by which an average palace would be constructed. Around the palace would be an enormous territory gotten free from all brush and trees. At that point there would be a canal, at that point an external divider, an inward divider, at that point at long last the keep. These obstructions would need to be penetrated by an assaulting armed force each in turn.

Here is the way you draw it:

Draw an enormous circle on your piece of paper. This is the zone around the palace that is gotten free from all trees and brush.

Attract a square shape the center of your clearing. Make it around 3/4 the size of the clearing. This is your external divider. Around this external divider draw a band about an inch or two thick in blue. This is the channel.

Presently draw another square shape inside your external divider. This is the inward divider and the palace legitimate. Here would be large numbers of the rooms and elements of your scaled down independent town.

At long last, make the top third of the last square shape you brought into the Keep. This is the last line of safeguard for your palace. In this square shape would go some fundamental rooms like the primary lobby, living quarters, eating corridor and ordnance.

The vast majority of your different rooms and capacities would go in the patio between the internal divider and the keep. These rooms would be shaped along the dividers right around within the square shape.

The Concept of Self Sufficiency

A palace needed to have all it required for the tenants to get by inside with no assistance from the rest of the world for an extensive stretch of time. This was on the grounds that a significant instrument of any assaulting armed force was the attack. This was the point at which they would encompass the palace and not permit anybody or anyone in or out. This would keep the inhabitants from the palace into give up.

So inside the palace you should add the entirety of the significant parts of any archaic town. Put these inside the Keep:

A Main conference center

A Dining Hall

An Armory for capacity of weapons and protective layer

A Chapel

Living quarters for Royalty, Knights, warriors, workers and laborers

A Kitchen sufficiently huge to take care of the palace

Also, inside the Castle legitimate embracing toward the internal palace divider put these rooms and capacities:

Numerous extra spaces for food sources, grains and meats

A huge nursery, the internal patio of a palace was frequently completely used to develop vegetables

Domesticated animals pens


Pastry shop and grainery – bread was a significant piece of the archaic eating routine. Grain put away well for extensive stretches of time and bread was effortlessly heated

Prison and jail for caught adversaries

Expert Shops like Blacksmith and Carpenter

A well for drinking water

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