Elementor Guide and Build

In this guide I will endeavor to attempt to clarify how you can amplify the harm of the performer utilizing natural obstruction combos. I will likewise cover various forms, tips, and other different data that will be useful to all players playing this character in Flyff. A great deal of players proceed to gripe and reveal to me all the time that elementors are horrible. You have high harm yield spells yet tragically you have moderate projecting occasions. In the wake of perusing this guide will discover all data they require to address every one of your inquiries on the subclass of elementors.

Basic Resistance Combos

We should momentarily cover a portion of the potential harm yields you can dole out with utilizing basic obstruction combos and elementor pro.

Fire strike is a decent expertise that will diminish the objectives water opposition by 20% for 6 seconds.

Water well and will diminish the objectives electric obstruction by 20% for 6 seconds.

Lightning stun is another acceptable expertise, this will diminish the objectives earth opposition by 20% for 6 seconds.

How about we start by utilizing water well as our illustration of harm computation. We will talk about water well in addition to electric combo. Lets use “W” instead of the harm you dispense to beasts from your water well. Furthermore, we will utilize the letter “L” for the harm that your lightning assaults do to a similar beast without utilizing the 20% increment from your water well.

W+4*(1.2L) > 5L (note that the 1.2 addresses a 20% harm increment)

W+4.8L > 5L

W > 0.2L = (1/5)L

As you can see on the last line, the water well combo will have a higher harm yield just if the ability does more than 1/5 of the harm of that of your lightning assaults. Fundamentally, if your typical lightning assault causes around 5000 harm, your water will harm should accomplish in excess of 1000 harm all together for the combo harm to have the best yield.

As a Catch-22. You’re not frequently ready to execute a field activity space in either PvM or PvP. Generally you just have a 6 second window to release these combos. So in principle you won’t generally dispense the harm you see above. Everything thing you can manage with this data is test your harm yield and see what works for you. Here are some more combos and recipes that you can investigate.

1 Water Well followed by 4 lightning assaults versus 5 lightning assaults:

W > 0.2L = (1/5)L

Water Well should accomplish more than one-fifth the harm of your lightning assault.

Ex: Lighting assault of 5000 – > Water Well should do 1000+ harm

1 Water Well followed by 3 lightning assaults versus 4 lightning assaults:

W > 0.4L = (2/5)L

Water Well should accomplish more than two-fifths the harm of your lightning assault.

Ex: Lighting assault of 5000 – > Water Well should do 2000+ harm

1 Water Well followed by 2 lightning assaults versus 3 lightning assaults:

W > 0.6L = (3/5)L

Water Well should accomplish more than three-fifths the harm of your lightning assault.

Ex: Lighting assault of 5000 – > Water Well should do 3000+ harm

1 Water Well followed by 1 lightning assault versus 2 lightning assaults:

W > 0.8L = (4/5)L

Water Well should accomplish more than four-fifths the harm of your lightning assault.

Ex: Lighting assault of 5000 – > Water Well should do 4000+ harm


Since most parts in Flyff solo for their experience, elementors are the same. The most ideal approach to assemble your beasts is to utilize wind field. It gives you an extraordinary possibility of easing back the objective so you can accumulate more beasts and afterward aoe on them. You can likewise utilize lightning tempest or meteor shower, it’s truly up to you yet I like to save those for the full aoe and squanders less pots. An ideal accomplice would be another elementor which I truly love to do playing this character since both you all can work off one another and get the greatest an aoe prompting experience. Ensure you’re working in a round example is on the off chance that you move excessively far away from the beasts bring forth they will flee and you’ll lose your accumulate. Here’s a stunt that you ought to utilize when you’re executing your assembled beasts there is a thing called position slack from the worker which can be eased by bouncing. I urge you to bounce during the entire whole cycle of social occasion and slaughtering as this will reset your situation on the worker.

Presently how about we execute those assembled crowds. It is fundamental that you keep your breeze authority and water dominance dynamic at all times..Probably the most ideal approach to bargain harm to your beasts is to utilize wind field twice. At that point you follow this up with poison cloud. Toxic substance cloud will give you a pleasant harm additional time impact, and you can basically do this process again this strategy. A few beasts will begin respawning as you are aoeing, it’s ideal in the event that you dodge them no matter what as I’ve passed on various occasions attempting to slaughter both my assemble and executing the aggroing generates. When battling with an accomplice ensure they don’t project Winfield close to you to aggro beasts.

Endurance Based Builds

50-30 insight and put the lay on endurance. This is a decent early form that will work for you well in your compass upwards towards level 90, conceivably considerably farther than that. This form is generally for the individuals who have slack while crushing and this will help will help keep you alive by and large. This is most likely least demanding form that you can get going with and with a ringmaster leveling with you can advance through the game decently fast.

Insight Based Builds:

30 to 50 endurance and you can feel free to put the lay on insight. This form is ordinarily for players that have a great deal of involvement with the round of Flyff. There is a higher possibility of you passing on while granulating and leveling your character and should have an incredible response speed and smarts to maintain a strategic distance from peril. I would suggest having a decent healer and food available simply in the event that something horrible may occur. This is an extraordinary form after level 90 while aoeing turns out to be increasingly slow need more harm. With this form you should zero in on utilizing the breeze field technique. This is known as a quick in and out elementor and the vast majority of the major parts in Flyff utilize this strategy for aoeing.

Full Stamina Build:

You can put 15 details in insight. At that point you can place the rest in endurance. These are for players who need to have lower harm yet greater survivability. These are likewise individuals that slack a ton when they are pounding on beasts. Clearly you have less possibility of passing on during slack spikes. This form is likewise truly well known for players who like to PVP. I can do around 2000 harm however I can take a ton of hits.

Full Intelligence Aoe Build:

For this form you just designate 15 endurance, and the lay you’ll put on insight. This is a very progressed construct more players attempt to achieve however some fizzle. This is typically utilized by undeniable level players so they can aoe quicker. You should simply get one ringmaster do this: we assemble around 2 to 4 beasts ensure your ringmaster HC’s them. Your harm in addition to HC murder beasts super quick, you will simply require an uncommon measure of pills and different confections so you can endure hard hits as your healers recuperate. The main thing to remember when playing this form is to completely put resources into your protection. You should redesign high cautious suits go through a huge load of cash or endure the results.


Here’s a snappy clarification of the qualities and shortcomings of the components against one another.

Fire is solid against Wind

Wind is solid against Earth

Earth is solid against Electric

Electric is solid against Water

Water is solid against Fire


Fire is feeble against Water

Wind is frail against Fire

Earth is frail against Wind

Electric is frail against Earth

Water is frail against Electric

Quick in and out Elementor:

You’re thinking about what this structure implies right? A quick in and out form generally is a high knowledge assemble that utilizes Winfield to hinder the objective for slaughtering. This strategy will give the elementor a protected distance to keep easing back and projecting spells to focus until it kicks the bucket. I’ll give some great data that each player who plays this form has to know. On the off chance that you are acceptable at kiting you’ll have the option to play this character well overall. On the off chance that you don’t get hit by beasts you won’t have a requirement for hit focuses or guard.

Full insight assemble:

It’s really basic, put each point that you get in the game into knowledge. This will give you some monstrous harm however you should continually stress over being executed by beasts and different players. Remember that Winfield doesn’t have 100% opportunity to moderate your objective our beast to play as though you’re envisioning that your objective isn’t eased back. 40-60 Stamina/xxx Int.

Cross breed endurance and insight assemble:

This is a form that I right now use and gives you great all-around character for the game. You don’t need to stress such a great amount over kicking the bucket as you have higher endurance yet still culminated your kiting strategy. For leveling you will have significantly more endurance and ready to gather a great deal of beasts without stress of kicking the bucket. I just truly use Winfield after I’ve gathered all the crowds and I begin AoEing. You will not have an incredible measure of damageof that of the full knowledge assemble however you’ll have greater adaptability and pass on a ton less. 75-80 Stamina/xxx Int.

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