5 Key Strategies to Boost Visibility of Android Apps on Google Play

fully customized app explainer video or app promo video for marketing or sales

Indeed, truth is stranger than fiction. There are App Review organizations out there that will survey your applications for you. Brilliant application designers send their Press Release bundle to these organizations and the survey goes out to the individuals. Thus, individuals download the applications.

So what I need to wrap up here in the following 60 seconds is fundamentally, Where you can discover App Review organizations, How to reach them and What data to remember for your Press Release.

We should begin at the rear of that rundown and tick them off individually.

In any case, before we start, I simply need you to know that this is dead simple. I sorted it out from experimentation and essentially blindly went for it. So on the off chance that I can do it, at that point so can you.

What Information Should Be Included In A Press Release

This is pretty straight forward, arranged by appearance:

Application Name

Organization Name

Contact Information – Your Name/Phone/Email/Skype/Twitter

Application Description (keep it brief and instructive, see underneath)

Connection to your application on the application store

Connection to your site (set up a fundamental greeting page to speak to your application)

1-2 x app promotion codes

Connection to Promo Video

The application depiction should be short however sweet. Make it spellbinding and bring up the uniqueness of the application with all the highlights in list item design.

Keep in mind, these folks get a huge load of application audit demands each day, so what are you going to do that is not quite the same as what every other person is doing? We must be one of a kind to stick out.

fully customized app explainer video or app promo video for marketing or sales
Exclusive on fiverr by sana_sarfaraz1 

Where To Find App Review Companies

Application audit organizations/sites are all over and there is definitely no deficiency of them. A straightforward Google Search of the catchphrases: “Application Review Submission” or comparative, will present to you a fortune of important outcomes.

A decent technique to embrace is to focus on the more modest application audit organizations that don’t get the same number of solicitations. That way you have a higher possibility of getting surveyed, and some of the time that will draw in the greater organizations.

The disadvantage of that will be that these destinations pull less hunt traffic so your application won’t get close to as much presentation as it would somewhere else. Yet, it’s a decent beginning.

Toward the day’s end, getting Reviewed by the enormous young men is Money-In-The-Bank.

I have a rundown of the Top 100 App Review organizations on my work area and in the event that you join to our pamphlet and think of me an amicable email I may very well impart it to you.

Instructions to Contact The App Reviewers

This is simple. The greater part of them have assigned email accounts and additionally accommodation areas on their sites. They’re not in every case simple to discover… yet, they’re there.

Basically present your Press Release with the substance above by means of email or through the site and hang tight for a reaction.

What Not To Do

These sites will ALL get in touch with you and attempt to sell you publicizing space, and so on their site. Furthermore, mark my assertion: ALL OF THEM.

Try not to pay for anything. Why? Basically in light of the fact that it’s not worth spending your cash on something you can get with the expectation of complimentary elsewhere. Furthermore, you don’t have a clue what the achievement rate is of these promotions, and from my experience, it’s pretty low.

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