Meeting With Comedienne Fran Capo, the Guinness Book Worlds Record for the Fastest Talking Female

Today, Norm Goldman, Editor of Sketchandtravel and Bookpleasures is charmed to have as a visitor, Fran Capo.

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Fran is a serious “cool individual,” as she is an eight-time writer, humorist, Voiceover Female craftsman, comedienne, swashbuckler, entertainer, independent author and keynote powerful orator. She additionally holds the Guinness Book Worlds Record for the Fastest Talking Female.

As of late, Fran achieved another astounding accomplishment as the sole writer to ever do a book marking on the highest point of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa with the arrival of her book “Adrenaline Adventures: Dream it, Read it, Do it!”

Great day Fran and thank you for consenting to take part in our meeting for and


Might you be able to educate our crowd something regarding yourself and how you got engaged with your different occupations?


Sure Norm, first let me express its extraordinary to be here, and I thank you for having me on as a visitor.

Since you referenced a lot of the things I upped front, I surmise I’ll begin with how I turned into a high quality comic, as this was my first passage into the diversion world.

In school I was known for my comical inclination and a portion of my schoolmates recommended a profession as an exceptional comic. This made them think with respect to how life would be as a high quality comic, and I began to watch funnies on TV, parody clubs, tuning in to satire collections, and so forth. I said to myself, I could do this. I requested that God offer me the correct hint on the off chance that I ought to do parody.

Two events happened that were my thumbs up signs. One, when somebody pivoted in a film lineup and praised me on my comical inclination, subsequent to hearing me break jokes to my companions. He proposed I tryout for the Comic Strip. Another occurred at a vehicle show, where a crystal gazer dissected my penmanship and revealed to me I had a decent comical inclination and use it to bring in cash.

I in the long run auditioned at a club called Creighton and Gray’s Comedy Room that was close to my home, with material given to me by my companion Barry, who was in my acting class at that point. This was my first accomplishment as a high quality comedienne and I got an overwhelming applause just as $10. I was a smaller than usual neighborhood VIP, with rave press audits. I went through the following 15 years of my vocation making sense of approaches to get in print, on radio and TV.


What is this about-the holding of the “Guinness Book Worlds Record for the Fastest Talking Female?”


Well the outstanding parody gig lead to my quick talking unintentionally. My way of thinking is simply consistently state yes and make sense of it after how I will accomplish something.

My high quality found me a vocation doing climate and traffic at a radio broadcast WBLS-FM in New York. I was doing it as this satire character June East (Mae West’s tragically deceased sister). At some point, Dinah Prince, a columnist from the Daily News called and said she needed to do an article on me. When she had got done with meeting me for the article, she asked-What are you wanting to do straightaway?

Next? Well at the time there was nothing I was anticipating doing straightaway, so I asked her what she implied, slowing down for time. She said she truly needed to follow my profession. Here was a lady from The Daily News revealing to me she was keen on me! So I thought I would do well to disclose to her something.

What turned out was, “I’m thinking about breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for the Fastest Talking Female.” The paper article turned out the following day, and she incorporated my splitting comments about attempting to break the world’s Fastest-Talking Female record. At about 5:00 P.M. that evening, I got a call from CNN requesting that I go on the Larry King Live Show. They needed me to attempt to break the record. They disclosed to me they would send a limo to get me at 8:00. That was just three hours. Discussion about weight!

I had never known about Larry King Live, and when I heard the lady state she was from a Manhattan Channel, I thought, “Well that is a pornography station, right?” She persistently guaranteed me that it was a good national TV program and this was a one-time offer and opportunity – it was either that night or not in the slightest degree.

I figured out how to discover a substitution for a gig I had in New Jersey. I next plunked down to make sense of what in the world I would do on the show. I considered Guinness to discover what the principles were to break a quick talking record. They revealed to me I would need to present something from either Shakespeare or the Bible. Out of nowhere, I began saying the ninety-first Psalm, a supplication for insurance that my mother had instructed me. Shakespeare and I had never truly gotten along, so I calculated the Bible was my solitary expectation. I rehearsed again and again, timing myself with a stop-watch to perceive how quick I could do it. I was both apprehensive and energized simultaneously.

At 8:00, the limousine got me. I rehearsed the whole path there, and when I arrived at the New York studio I felt as though my tongue was going to tumble off. I asked the maker, “What occurs in the event that I don’t break the record?’ She answered, “Larry couldn’t care less on the off chance that you break it or not. He just cares that you give it a shot his show first.” So I asked myself, What’s the most noticeably awful thing that can occur? I’d resemble a bonehead on national TV! A minor thing, I could live through that. At that point I asked myself , And what occurs on the off chance that I break the record?” Now that would be extraordinary.

I concluded just to do as well as can possibly be expected, and I did. I broke the record, turning into the World’s Fastest Talking Female by talking 585 words in a single moment before a national TV crowd. (I broke it again two years after the fact at the Guinness Museum in Vegas with 603 words for every moment.) My vocation took off.


For what reason did you need to have a book marking on Mount Kilimanjaro, and might you be able to portray to us a little about your experience, especially your journey up to its summit, and how could you plan for it? Is it accurate to say that you were ever apprehensive?


Once more, it returns to my fundamental philosophy’s…of seize the day…and simply following things with an energy. I was really looking into a section in my book Adrenaline Adventures: Dream it, Read it, Do it. I read that a 83-year elderly people ladies climbed Kilimanjaro. So I assumed if she could do it, so would I be able to.

I enrolled my child, Spencer into the exertion, reached a top outfit, in Africa (a similar person that lead the IMAX film group up the mountain.)

At that point I assumed if I was going to prepare, climb and do this accomplishment, I should make it important at the top. So I chose to do a book joining there, I figured out how to get two backers, my distributer Authorhouse and Snickers Marathon Energy Bars.

It took us 7 days to summit, experiencing 5 atmosphere zones. The evening of summit we were woken up at 11 PM, it was unseasonably cold. Short 15 degrees and 45 mph winds, our camelbacks solidified, and you wanted to rest while holding up.

It took us 18 hours to find a workable pace down to camp. It was the hardest thing I’ve at any point done (and this is originating from somebody who has run the long distance race, flown battle airplane, rode a bicycle constant for 100 miles, driven race vehicle, dove with sharks etc…(all of which are discussed in Adrenaline Adventures obviously.)

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