Geographic Domains For Your Online Businesses

I know some of the so-called web experts are still advising their clients to opt for one of the three international top level domains no matter how local the site should be. Getting .com, .net or .org domains may be fancy and will make your domain name easily recognizable, but let us not forget the primary purpose of getting a domain for your site: representing your brand name online. That is why analyzing your specific target market and opting for the right domain name is essentially important.

If you are running local businesses with local target markets, the best top level domain you should be getting is definitely the one designed for your area. If you live in Canada and operate a business name, in the area, register .ca domain instead of .com for your business. There are a lot of benefits you can get from registering geographic domains for your online businesses.

Big search engines such as Google or Yahoo are using users’ IP address to provide local contents whenever possible. If you use specialized geographic domains, your businesses will be presented in one of these localized search results at better positions. Better search engine rankings mean better businesses, and with the search result being localized you are actually reaching out to the right potential customers.

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Don’t forget that domains for businesses should represent brand names properly. If you use more than one keyword on your brand names, don’t hesitate to use dash (-) to separate words; this trick works best if you have two-worded brand names, but using more than one dash is simply unacceptable. If you can’t find a domain for your real estate agency, for instance, you can try different combination of domain names that are related to your brand.

Although I may be a little to blunt to say that you must get geographic domain for your local online businesses, the tip actually works in most cases. Which one do you think attract more customers, or The later would be the one attracting more customers for sure; reach out to the right target market with the right domain name.

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